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Here you will find a selection of my videos in order of the latest video at the top. I hope you like my video and please feel free to download them. However, please do not steal my hard work to use with your own videos!

Angel the Series Videos

Here are my selection of Angel videos from the most recent onwards..

Phil Collins - Take a Look At Me Now: Angel Alone (Created November 2009)

AU: Angel cannot get over his break-up with Darla and resorts to following and watching her fall in love with another man. Will he win her back or has he lost her forever? Crossover (20%) with Dexter Season 3

Donny Osmond -Puppy Love: Connor's dangerous Puppy Love (Created January 2009- Award Nominated)

Connor has a dangerous love for Cordelia that is anything but a cute puppy love! I woke up and got a strange thought to produce this, it was created in about two hours and I like that the sickly sweet song is a direct contrast to Connors obsession with Cordy.

In The Ghetto - For Connor (February 2008 - Award Winner)

Connor was born under exceptional circumstances into a world that he doesn't know and don't care. An angst ridden look at how Connor struggles to cope in a dark world that promises nothing but hurt and pain.

Unfaithful - For Angel and Cordelia (November 2007 - Award Winner)

Cordelia is being unfaithful to Angel....with his son. He suspects and act suprisingly calm. Slight AU

Unfortunately it has been brough to my attention that another well known vidder as copied my idea and stolen clips from this video. I know this as: a) the scene where Cordy applies her lipstick was slowed down alot by me to make the scene work, this scene is also very slow in their video. b)  Where Cordy sits on the bed, I first applied a fade in and fade out. I then cut the scene in half and by accident ended up with a fade in and out that created a black blip on the scene by WMM2 as it was only a short clip. While the first incident can be said that the vidder had the same notion as me to make the scene work, the second point was a mistake by me that I only realised once published and I never got around to fixing it so has to be because the scene was stolen. I am not going to take any action as I have no signature on the video but I am disappointed in this vidder for stealing when all clips are readily available.

Glee Album, Touch Me: Part of my 'The Glee Buffy Horror Show With Feeling' collection.: Spike Touch Me (Created May 2011)

The famous touch a touch a touch a touch me song from the hit movie Rocky Horror Picture Show set to clips of Buffy and Spike and the song performed by the Glee cast! If anyone is wondering why Willow and Tara are featured, please take a look at the original song and that performed by Glee.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Videos


Sinead O'Connor - Silent Night: Amends Episodic Silent Night (Created December 2010)

My very first Episodic created for the Holiday season at buffytube. A look back at a classic episode Amends from Angel's POV and his everlasting fight for redemption.


Fall In Love - Buzzcocks: Falling In Love - Spike Style (Created February 2010)

You can't help who you fall in love with even if it is your arch nemesis. Thanks to Oldblackmagic for the clip suggestion :)

Sarah Brightman: Dreaming Of You (Created September 2009)

AU: A sweet little AU video following Buffy and Angel as they fall in love with one another through their dreams and fantasies alone. Set from both POV.

Enrique Iglesias - Hero: Buffy's Hero, Spike (Created July 2009)

AU: Buffy confides in Spike about her violent relationship with womanizer Angel. Eventually seeking comfort in the arms of Spike, this leads to a confrontation between all involved that isn't pleasant!

Pet Shop Boys - It's A Sin: Spikes Sin (Created June 2009)

Spike has had a colourful past to say the least! A look from his POV on the various sins he has committed!


Switchfoot - This Is Your Life: This is Buffy's Life (Created May 2009 - Award Nominated)

This video was created purely for a Challenge over at Sunnydale Stories and I am not quite sure it worked out to Tami's expectations but nevertheless I enjoyed making it!

A character study of Buffy and some of the key events that have shaped her into the fighter she is.


Enrique and Kelis - I'm Not In Love: Buffy and Spike Are Not In Love (Created March 2009 - Award Nominated)

Buffy and Spike are not in love....it's just a phase that they're going through.

Vonda Shepard - Neighbourhood: In Buffy's Neighbourhood (Created February 2009 - Award Nominated)

A simple song from the soundtrack of Ally McBeal. Buffy looks back on her 'Neighbourhood' as she stands and watches what was left of Sunnydale and her friends.


Evenescence - My Immortal: Buffy and Angel; The rise of Angelus (Created January 2009 - Award Nominated)

I have always wanted to do a Bangel to this but with so many good ones out there, I decided to make it season 2 only. Buffy reflects on the evens of season two and how although Angelus is still with Buffy, she is still very much all alone.

Then he kissed me - Shangri-La's: Then he kissed me - For Buffy and Angel (Created November 2008 - Award Nominated)

Nothing major just a nice simple AU set to my favourite Sunnydale lovers

Britney Spears - Everytime: Everytime - For Willow and Tara (Created September 2008 - Award Winner)

From Willows POV. Willow is heartbroken from the fact that Tara has left her because of her obsession with magic and just when Willow gets a chance to redeem herself Tara gets shot in cold blooded murder.
A look at Willow reminiscing over her relationship with Tara and how Willow falls to pieces without her soul mate by her side.

Billy Idol - Rebell Yell: In the Midnight hour - For Buffy and Spike (Created August 2008 - Award Winner)

Not very original I know, but I wanted to create a video featuring a music video and this seemed to fit. Also, I am not happy with the graphics as I strayed back over to WMM2!
Buffy cannot help herself going back to Spike again and again, from Spikes POV on the lady that will not leave him alone....

Infernal - Self Control: Self Control - For Buffy (Created June 2008 - Award Winner - REVAMPED JAN 10)

A look throughout the seasons of the main events that have helped shape Buffy and how she 'lives amongst the creatures of the night'. I have revamped this and it now contains around 75% new clips than the original.

Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love: Buffy's bleeding love for Spike (Created January 2008 - Award Winner)

Buffy feels alone and confused with her feelings for Spike. She is sure of her love for him but can't bring herself to trust him.
Buffy has no-one to turn to, not even her friends understand.

The Beautiful South - I Need A Little Time: Xander Needs A Little Time (Created January 2008 - Award Winner)

Xander has hurt Anya some might say beyond repair.
A look at one of the best couples in Sunnydale and how they deal with the other side of Love.

Softcell - Tainted Love: For Buffy and Spike (Created November 2007 - Award Winner)

Spike and Buffy have a volitile relationship....one minute they are into each other - the next they are fighting.
The video focuses on Spike and Buffy's love / hate relationship.


Leona Lewis - Run: Buffys Hero Spike Pt 2 (Created April 2011)

AU: This is loosely followed on from Part one but can be watched as a stand alone video. Hopefully the description says it all...

Adele - Someone Like You: Someone Like Him: Created September 2011

AU: Elena's childhood sweetheart finds a new love leaving Elena unable to move on. 

Ed Sheeran - A Team: Losing Faith: Created October 2011

AU: Lyric driven, please do not watch if easily offended by scenes of prostitution and drugs. Rated 16+

Celine Dion - Alone: The Other Woman: Created October 2012

I just love portraying Darla as the other woman and this video although maybe not original was a lot of fun to make in this AU that should be self explanatory.

Buffy and Angel Crossover Videos

From most recent onwards, this section contains some of my best work and also holds most of my videos...

Bruno Mars - Just the way you are: Bangel - Amazing (Created Feb 2011)

Sometimes you create a video for no other purpose than as a tribute to your favourite ship. It is probably not your best work or even your favourite work but something you feel the need to produce...this is mine.


REM - Everybody Hurts: BTVS /ATS Ensemble Everybody Hurts (Created March 2011)

A look at some of the more tragic times in the Buffyverse...


Jungle Book: I Wanna Be Like You: I wanna be like Buffyverse (Created November 2010)

All vampires want to be like those in the Buffyverse! No fandom bashing intended ;0



Enigma: Gravity of Love: Sinful Desires (Created July 2010)

Contains scenes that could be construed as blasphemas and implied slash / bondage at parts. If offended by any of these, please refrain from watching.


Hurt - Christina Aguilera: Hurt For Buffy and Angel (Created June 2010)

AU: This has been a long time coming because my original died when my computer died! Anyway, Angel made a mistake of cheating on Buffy with Faith. Realising his error he immediately breaks it off when he realises he has hurt Buffy and the pair try to get on with things. Faith does not take this well and events get out of control. The video is from Buffy's POV....

Last Name - Glee Album: Faith's Last Name (Created May 2010)

AU: The storyline hopefully explains itself and is lyric driven! Faith can't seem to stop herself from falling in lust!

Love Bites - Def Leppard: Love Bites - For Angel and Spike (Created March 2010)

Two vampires - one slayer. A look from both Angel and Spike's POV on how they see their relationship with Buffy and how they think she feels.


Sexy Boy - Air: Sexy Boys (Created March 2010)

This video is nothing but a selection of in my opinion the four sexiest men of the Buffyverse in order. No storyline, no plot - just clips put together to a pretty song! (This has been a project in the making for about a year while I played around with SPX but in the end I scrapped it all and made it simple.)


Stop - Sam Brown: Sex, Lies and Videotape (Created January 2010)

Buffy and Darla both thought they had perfect relationships with Spike and Angel, that is until they realised the boys were more than just friends..... Slash video.


Johnny Cash - Hurt: Angel: I Will Make You Hurt (Created January 2010)

Set during Power Play and Not Fade Away. Angel sets about putting the wheels in motion to do battle with the impending apocolypse and in doing so realises he has to not only hurt and deceive those he loves in his present but also thinks about the hurt he has caused in his past.

Marilyn Manson - Sweet Dreams: Buffyverse Sweet Dreams (Created December 2009)

In Sunnydale and LA, Dreams can be anything but sweet......


Damien Rice - Blower's Daughter: What If? - For Angel (Created August 2009)

OK so here is my experimental AU. I tried to create something that took me out of my comfort zone and while it isn't perfect, it is what it is!

Angel has a perfectly happy life until a distraction becomes an obsession that is soon to take over his whole life.

Two cameo parts from Spike, one is obvious, can you see the not so obvious one? Tag or message me if you can find it ;)

Lilly Allen - Not Fair: It's not fair for Buffy! (Created August 2009)

A light hearted AU of how every boyfriend Buffy has fails to make the grade in the bedroom...(Explicit language in parts)


Alexander Rybak - Fairytale (Eurovision winner 2009): Angel's Fairytale (Created May 2009 - Award Nominated)

I saw this song and thought Bangel immediately! I hope you like it!

Angel has moved to LA but can't stop thinking about his fairytale relationship with Buffy!

Thanks to Tami Brandt for the use of some of the flashback clips!


Opposites Attract - Paula Abdul: Opposites Attract - For Buffy and Angel Ensemble (Created May 2009 - Award Nominated)

From Werewolves and Vampires to Good and Evil, not forgetting the down right wierd! The Buffyverse has had some pretty unusual pairings.....

Queen - We Are The Champions: BTVS & ATS - Champions (Created April 2009 - Award Nominated)

I can't believe there aren't more videos to this song! 

A simple selection of clips proving that in the Buffyverse they are all champions.

Cibo Matto - Sugar Water: Angel and Spike - A Game of Cat and Mouse (Created March 2009 - Award Winner)

AU - As Spike's mentor Angel sees it as his duty to show Spike how to Love em and Leave em! An AU look at how these two boys share not only their bloodline. Please note, slight implied slash. Thanks to Tami Brandt for the use of clips :)

Shirelles - Baby It's You: For Buffy and Angel - Baby It's You (Created February 2009 - Award Nominated)

AU - No matter what Angel does, Buffy will always love him....

Ghost Soundtrack: Symphony for Buffy (Created February 2009)

My first practise at a music video set to a song with no lyrics. AU: Buffy and Angel have the perfect life until Buffy is brutally murdered. Distraught, Angel summons Willow to bring Buffy back to life. Unfortunately for him, Bufy turns out very different from the girl he married setting off a chain of events that soon spiral out of control....


Josh Groban - To Where You Are: Goodbye Buffy (Created January 2009 - Award Nominated)

AU. Buffy Summers passed away suddenly in what was thought to be no more than a fever. A look at the misery left behind from the point of view of her family, friends and the one's who loved her the most. My 30th video.

Thank you to Tami Brandt for the use of the clips from episode 'Forever'.

Wicked Games - Chris Isaak: Wicked Games - For Spike and Angel/us (Created December 2008 - Award Nominated)

What if Buffy had never come to Sunnydale? This AU explores how Spike and Angel/us's relationship could have turned out if so many pesky girls hadn't gotten in the way and the results were a lot less platonic ;) From Spikes POV - Contains implies Homosexual context and scenes

Savin' Me - Nickleback: Savin' Me - For Angel (Created November 2008 Award Nominated)

Over the years, Angel has saved countless numbers of people but just who is saving him?
A character study of Angel and a look at how he needs help from everyone around him to keep his inner demon Angelus at bay. From his own POV, looking back on events where he has had to not only save but also be saved.


Gym Class Heroes - Cookie Jar: David can't keep his hands out the cookie jar! (Created November 2008 - Award Winner)

A nice light-hearted look at the characters David Boreanaz plays and a look at the sexier side to him. Vidded to Gym Class Heroes Cookie Jar, this video covers BTVS (35%), Angel (35%), Bones (10%) and These Girls (20%) and can possible contain spoilers. Thanks to Tami Brandt for all the Bones clips and a few of the Angel ones. I really couldn't have done it without you!


Whitney Houston - Queen of the Night: For the girls of Buffy and Angel (Created October 2008 - Award Winner)

No sfx, no storyline, just simple clips set to a simple song! I created this in about four hours when I had nothing to do so I hope you like it!


Sinitta - So Macho: Angel and Spike are So Macho! (Created September 2008 - Award Winner)

A fun look at Buffys feelings for Spike and Angel and how they see each other. Basically I wanted a light hearted song that would allow me to show alot of Angel and Spike :)

Duran Duran - Wild Boys: Spike and Angel are Wild Boys - 80% Revised (Created September 2008 - Award Winner)

This is a revised version of my original video and contains around 70% different clips. I was never happy with the original and feel much better about this one. Spike may be a loveable rogue and Angel may be a big puppy but lets not forget how they came to be and what they are capable of.

Justin Timberlake - Cry me a river: Cry me a river - For Buffy and Angel (Created September 2008 - Award Winner)

Buffy has been cheating on Angel and he has just found out. An AU look at how Angel uncovers what Buffy has been doing and how he reacts when she begs for his forgiveness. Will he take her back?


Bronski Beat - Don't Leave Me This Way: Confessions of an Angel Part 3 of 3 (Created August 2008 - Award Winner)

Please note this video contains relatively strong sexual scenes and homosexual innuendo. If this offends you, do not watch :)

Angel has finished with Nathan after having to choose between him and Darla. Unfortunately for Angel it is all too late, as Darla simply cannot forgive him.

As Angel tries to forget past events and seeks a new love, Nathan struggles to come to terms with the abrupt and traumatic ending and falls into the arms of another man. The problem? Nathan's new man looks surprisingly like Angel which doesn't help Nathan get over Angel whose paths still cross and who constantly invades Nathan's thoughts.Black and White indicated when Nathan is reminiscing about him and Angel.(Crossed with Buffy, Angel and QAF(UK))


Pet Shop Boys - Always on my mind: Confessions of an Angel Part 2 of 3 (Created August 2008 - Award Winner)

This video will only make sense if you watch my first part.
Angel rethinks his decisions of part one and speaks to Darla to try and resolve the issues he has. How will Darla react to this latest turn of events?
Please note this video contains explicit homosexual & hetrosexual scenes. I have rated it 'R' and if easily offended, please do not watch :) (Crossed with Angel and QAF(UK))




Pet Shop Boys - Can You Forgive Her: Confessions of an Angel Part 1 of 3 (Created July 2008 - Award Winner)

Please note this video contains explicit homosexual & hetrosexual scenes. I have rated it 'R' and if easily offended, please do not watch :) Angel is in a relationship with Darla and on the outside all appears to be well. That is until feelings from the past thought forgotten come back to haunt Angel until he has no choice but to embrace his true feelings and face Darla with this revelation.
Feeling a fool, Darla does not take the news well and has a revelation of her own.....Part 1 of 3 (Crossed with Buffy, Angel and QAF(UK))


Bowling For Soup - She's Got a Boyfriend Now: Buffy has a boyfriend now (Created June 2008 - Award Winner)

Xander always thought Buffy was the girl for him and eventually he would be able to show his true feelings for her. That is until Angel comes along. Will Xander eventually find true love without Buffy?
Slight AU look at the love triangle that is Xander, Buffy and Angel. The original video I did for this got wiped off my computer so this isn't as good as I would have liked.


John Lennon - Jealous Guy: Jealous Guy - For Angel (Created April 2008 - Award Winner)

AU - Buffy and Angel had a perfect relationship. Until Angels rage and jealousy clouded his better judgment. Angel & Buffy are married until his temper made her unable to forgive him for the third time, eventually leaving him and moving on, Angel could not bear to let her go. From Angels POV on the woman he loved and then lost and the events that lead to it.


Alanis Morisette - You Oughta Know: Angel Oughta Know (Created March 2008 - Award Winner)

AU -- Angel has cheated on Buffy with his ex-Darla and has left Buffy for her. Buffy is devastated and can't bring herself to let Angel go. What does she do? Torment herself by imagining all the things he is doing with Darla and noticing all the similarities in both relationships. Buffy knows she will never get over this relationship and goes down a path of destruction believing that if she can't have Angel...no one can.


Duran Duran - Wild Boys: Wild Boys - For Angel and Spike (Created December 2007 - Award Winner)

Spike and Angel may be loveable rogues now but let's not forget where they have come from and what they are.
I got the idea for this a few days ago and got onto it straight away. I am lacking some clips I would have liked to add though.

Alice Cooper - Poison: Buffy is poisoning Angel (Created December 2007 - Award Winner)

Buffy is poisoning Angel. Yet he still can't bring himself to be apart from her or their destructive relationship.
Constructed from the point of view of Angel and how he sees their relationship.
This video was initially created two years ago and was one of the first I produced. Several attempts later and I am still not 100% happy with it!

Right Said Fred - I'm too sexy: For the Buffy and Angel Ensemble (Created December 2007 - Award Winner)A fun (and hopefully you will find) sexy look at the Buffy and Angel team.
I enjoyed making this so hopefully you will like it!

Grease Soundtrack - There are worse things: There are worse things Faith could do (Created October 2007 - Award Winner)

A look at Faiths up and downs throughout the years, adapted to this well known Grease song.
Faith struggles to find her place and know who her friends are.

Gym Class Heroes - Cupids Chokehold: Angel's Cupid Chokehold (Created August 2007 - Award Winner)

Angel seems to go from girl to girl searching for the right one....
This video works best if you are familiar with the original video by Gym Class Heroes.